About Us

Lukitzme is a clothing brand established in February 2022. We have a passion for gaming, fitness, and fashion. We decided to combine our passion into a business we love. We acted on that ambition to make our dream of owning our own business a reality. A few hurdles came to mind as we brainstormed the idea of becoming a clothing brand. We decided to reach out to some freelance graphic designers on the internet to help design some concepts for our brand as we discovered our identity and what makes us unique. To show our appreciation to the talented graphic artists, we sorted their designs into collections and credited them for their work. So here we are, dreaming big as we grow our brand. We hope to expand our products and availability around the world. Family and trust are essential to us. As we develop our family in the literal sense, we ask that you trust in us and grow with us. The future is endless with possibilities.


Our Partners! 

We joined forces with a great company that produces all of our products!  Take a look behind the scenes!


We Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

We continuously work with very hard-working and talented Graphic Designers. Check out their work and learn more about the artists through our collections! We want to show our appreciation and spotlight them by displaying their work.